Silver prices fell more than 0.1% at 11:10 GMT to trade at $15.04 an ounce from the opening of $15.06, the highest of $15.10 and the lowest since December 27th of $15.01.


Yesterday silver prices lost 0.4%, the fifth loss in the last six days, also under the pressure of the rise of the US dollar.


On Thursday, The dollar index rose 0.1% , continuing its seventh consecutive day of gains, approaching a three-week high of 96.93 points, reflecting the continued strong performance of the US currency against a basket of global currencies.


The strong performance of the US dollar comes amid rising demand for the US currency as the best investment currently in the foreign exchange market, and under the negative pressure facing other major currencies, especially the euro and the pound sterling.


The euro is currently facing concerns about the sharp fall in economic indicators in Europe, which may push the European Central Bank (ECB) at its meeting on monetary policy today to lower expectations of economic growth and announce a long-term loan program for European banks.

2019-03-08 07:59:07