Fund Your Account

JMI Brokers can only accept funds that have been wired from an account that carries the name of the client. In conformity with Dubai Anti-Money laundering laws, we cannot accept credit card payments, third party transfers or cheques..
All transfer requests are handled as soon as they are received at JMI. Processing times generally depend on the depository banks' transfer processing times and/or your selected payment method.
Before funds can be transferred you need to have an active JMI Brokers account. If you do not have an account yet, open an account here.

  • Wire Transfer

  • You can wire funds directly from your bank account using our Wire Transfer Payment Method. JMI Brokers only works with AA rated banks so you can trade with confidence.
    Please note that your bank may charge you to make a payment by electronic means and the date of delivery of the funds to the JMI Brokers account is at the discretion of your bank.
    You will need to inform your bank or building society of our BANK DETAILS

  • Transaction Fees

    • The depository bank usually charges a transaction fee. Generally, you have the option of this fee being deducted directly from the total amount to be transferred or charged to you directly.
    • Please call your bank for transaction fee information as rates vary from bank to bank.
    • JMI does not charge any transaction fees.
    • We accept (USD/ AED /EUR/GBP) currency.
    • Transaction time generally depends on the processing time required by the depository banks, and JMI Brokers normally handles all transactions on the same day they are received.
    • JMI does not accept payments from third parties.

    For wiring instructions, contact us via one of the following options: