Segregation Of Client Funds.

Under UAE Central bank client money rules JMI Brokers LTD is obliged to segregate the money that our clients deposit with us. This means that we must take steps to ensure that our clients’ money is held in a separate account away from any accounts used to hold money belonging to the firm. The purpose of this separation is to prevent the use of client money by the firm for its own account at all times.

In terms of where the client funds should be held, ie with which institution, we are obliged to exercise all due skill, care and diligence in our selection, taking into account the expertise and market reputation of the institution.

Bank accounts in tier 1 banks

Funds, whether they are classified as company funds of client funds, are kept in Emirates National Bank Dubai (ENBD) , ADCB Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and Standard Chartered Bank , three of the safest top-tier banks.

Supervision by a Diligent Authority

The Company follows strictly the rules and regulations of the regulatory authority, in particular, the directives that govern capital adequacy requirements, large exposures and transparency.

Regulated companies are required to submit financial reports to UAE Central Bank on regular basis. The Regulator is diligent and has the right to fine companies and even revoke their licenses for violations.

Automated risk management

JMI Brokers LTD’s automated risk management system is designed to reduce the risk of your trading account being depleted to zero or turning negative.

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