Advantages Of Trading With JMI Brokers
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Advantages Of Trading With Us

  • Why JMI Brokers LTD should be your preferred FX Broker?

  • Trade FX on tight spreads & low margins with 24 hour support

  • Why JMI Brokers ?

  • 1. 24-hour online, telephone and Reuters trading
    Access Interbank FX, spot gold and silver prices ensuring price integrity, transparency and consistent liquidity.

    2.Transparent competitive two-way pricing
    We offer very competitive spreads on over 80 currency pairs, typically 3 - 5 pip spreads on the major currency pairs.

    3.Instantaneous auto trade executions
    JMI Brokers Markets are committed to ensuring you deal on the prices you see. At a glance you can see where the market can be bought and sold (under normal market conditions).

    4. Low FX margin requirements
    Access FX, spot gold & silver with margin requirements that start at just 0.5% or leverage of


    5.State-of-the-art FX trading platforms
    Free easy-to-use Windows-based click and deal mini and maxi FX trading platforms which are fully customizable and offer multiple stored layouts. Our FX platforms offer a wide variety of order types - MARKET, LIMIT, STOP and OCO. JMI Brokers Markets aim to make it as easy and seamless as possible to access demonstration and live FX trading platforms and to open and fund your FX trading accounts.

    6. Flexible lot sizes
    You are not restricted to trading in standard lot sizes. Take advantage of our wide range of trading sizes from 0.01 million - 100 million
    (equivalent to $1 / point - $10,000 / point).

    7.Risk management in real time
    Our platform monitors and controls risk exposure in real time. Based on your FX margin requirement, it calculates funds needed to retain current open positions and resources available for new positions or for adding to existing open positions.

    8.Hedging capability
    You have complete control over whether you close or hedge your positions to reduce risk. You can run multiple positions for each currency pair which can be individually selected for closing.

    9.Earn interest on cash balances
    Unlike many FX brokers JMI Brokers pays interest on those funds not being used for margin purposes.


    10.24 hour personalized customer service
    Our experienced and knowledgeable people are available 24 hours a day to answer questions and provide assistance. Our professional dealers can be accessed at all times via live chat and telephone, and our technical and administrative support is second to none.

    11.A fast and efficient back office system
    When you fund your FX account and start trading, you receive straight-through-processing of your trades offering live position keeping, margining, statements, unrealized and realized profit & loss.

  • Advantages of FX Trading

    • Ability to trade on margin. Access to the FX market can be made using small capital outlays by taking advantage of superior leverage
    • The FX market is the largest and most liquid in the world
    • 24 hour seamless trading. The FX market is open for a continual 5 1/2 day period allowing you to enter and exit the market at any time
    • Ability to establish long (opening purchase) and short (opening sale) positions
    • Superior market transparency. There are no multiple exchange listings of the same instrument
    • No standard trade sizes exist
    • No delivery or contract expiry to consider
  • Advantages of trading FX using technical analysis

    • Strong persistent trend
    • No directional bias
  • Advantages of trading FX using fundamental analysis

    • Global economic information readily available
    • Considerably less complicated than stock investing